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China's Lighting Industry Development Trend

Time:2017-09-10 Click:729

With the general standard of living improving, Elegant fixtures and gentle lights are unceasingly enhancing. The chandeliers, wall lamp, floor lamp of every hue, mirror front lamps, table lamps and nightlight promote the ceaseless emerge in large numbers. Lighting consumption is accounted for around 10% of the cost of decoration, and the proportion is rising. Lighting decoration has not only a lighting tool, but also the home of a display of goods and works of art.Elegant fixtures and gentle lights are more and more influence family attention.

Now China's lighting business number is nearly 10 thousands at present, our country has already become the big exporter of lighting productions. The need and opportunity lie in enabling low-carbon lifestyles in both North and South. Energy-saving LED light source industry has become a new favorite lighting industry. With the lighting industry's rapid development, Europe and the United States, Japan and South Korea countries have launched out incandescent lamps, popularize energy-saving lamp. LED lamp plan is being implemented. Green lighting is changing people's lighting ideas.

Consulting building materials industry analysts think,  LED lighting will replace the incandescent lamp. Intelligent lighting will replace general lighting. The lighting industry has become the supply chain of new mainstream products. lighting products will enter the era of" remote control". Focusing on the three or four line of the city and the country, the market of good quality lighting products, is still optimistic. Consumption is huge. We all know that the lighting environment caused by the impact can not be ignored. So in terminal, marketing and furniture industry can effectively reach an agreement. And they will can effectively control the terminal market of consumer information.

According to the consult released "2010 to 2013 of China's lighting market analysis report of investigation", LED office lighting replaced incandescent and fluorescent lamps from 2012, and in 2020 reached the highest peak.